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Table 1 Study outcomes and objectives

From: Brief cognitive behavioral therapy in primary care: a hybrid type 2 patient-randomized effectiveness-implementation design

Outcome Objective
Effectiveness #1: To determine whether a bCBT treatment group as provided by VA PC-MHI clinicians is superior to a usual-care control group at post treatment and 8- and 12-month follow-ups, as measured by:
a) depression and anxiety scores (Patient Health Questionnaire-9 and Beck Anxiety Inventory)
b) cardiopulmonary disease outcomes (Chronic Respiratory Questionnaire and Kansas City Cardiomyopathy Questionnaire).
Implementation #2: To assess bCBT adoption and fidelity, as measured by:
a) bCBT patient engagement (one or more sessions) and adherence (four or more sessions)
b) PC-MHI clinician bCBT adherence and competency ratings as evaluated by expert audio session reviews.
  1. bCBT brief cognitive behavioral therapy, VA Department of Veterans Affairs, PC-MHI Primary Care-Mental Health Integration.