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Table 3 Strategies to support guideline uptake

From: Developing clinical practice guidelines: reviewing, reporting, and publishing guidelines; updating guidelines; and the emerging issues of enhancing guideline implementability and accounting for comorbid conditions in guideline development

· Pre-emptive identification of potential barriers of recommendations, and a priori generation of solutions to address them by the guideline development group. At a minimum the guideline group should be aware of the potential barriers;
· Use of behaviorally specific language in the guideline[18][19][14];
· Use of multiple formats and channels for guideline dissemination based on preferences of the target group of health care practitioners;
· Development of educational resources adapted in content, and vehicle to each target group of health care practitioners;
· Identification of the resource implications of recommendations, ensuring their availability before starting;
· Use of data collection tools (for example, simple audit templates).
From: Gagliardi et al. How can we improve guideline use? A conceptual framework of implementability. Implementation Science 2011, 6:26.