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Table 1 Relevance and materiality coverage of selected KT funding programs

From: Understanding the performance and impact of public knowledge translation funding interventions: Protocol for an evaluation of Canadian Institutes of Health Research knowledge translation funding programs

Selected funding program

KT area of focus

CAD(mil) - 2010-11 financial commitment

% of 2010-11 KT financial commitment

Knowledge Synthesis

Synthesis; Integrated KT

1.76m CAD


Partnerships for Health

Integrated KT

6.29m CAD


System Improvement


Knowledge to Action

Integrated KT

1.33m CAD


DE and KTS

End grant KT

1.34m CAD


KT research

KT science



Total coverage

10.72m CAD


  1. Notes: 1) Figures are based on finance coding for CIHR’s PAA 1.4.2.; 2) KT research financial data is not included for the current period as money is not moved directly through PAA 1.4.2.; 3) Programs not included in our evaluation as a whole represent 35.7% of PAA area spending (less Partnerships programs that were purposely removed) and for this period are: Reduce Health Disparities, Training Awards, CADRE, Clinical Research Initiatives, Health Research Community Awards, KT Awards, Mobility in Aging, Cochrane Canada, Youth and Public Engagement, Res Action Program in Dementia, Partnerships award, JBI, Journalism Awards, Evidence Review and Synthesis Centre, Canadian Knowledge Synthesis Network, Canadian Virtual Library Network.