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Table 2 Summary of belief statements and sample quotes from anesthesiologist and surgeons assigned to the theoretical domains identified as not relevant

From: Anesthesiologists’ and surgeons’ perceptions about routine pre-operative testing in low-risk patients: application of the Theoretical Domains Framework (TDF) to identify factors that influence physicians’ decisions to order pre-operative tests

Domains Specific belief Sample quote Frequency out of 16
Knowledge I am aware of guidelines. (provincial/national) ‘Yes, so there are guidelines from the Canadian Anaesthesia Society and then various bodies around the world have published guideline…for pre-operative testing.’ (A5) ‘I can’t recite you any specific guidelines but I’ve heard that there are some standards that way either from talking to anaesthetists…so yes there are some guidelines but I can’t tell you specifically.’ (S5) 15
Skills As long as you're adequately trained to take a pre-op assessment you are skilled enough to order ‘routine’ tests. ‘So I think experience in pre-operative assessment clinics during training and some exposure to surgery or understanding of it… ‘(A2) ‘At a minimal you should have training as a nurse…in terms of some specialized training to screen patients.’ (A8) .’.in general, you know particularly with you know a low-risk population and a low-risk operation, I thought a person with experience, training and interest so on, could probably do very well.’ (S1) 16
Motivation and goals I, personally, do not feel I need to order routine tests. ‘No….it’s something that I don’t think needs to be done.’ (A7) ‘No…(it's not something I need to do).’(S1) 14
Routinely ordering tests is not an important part of my pre-op evaluation. ‘When it’s necessary it’s very important but overall I think most of the time it’s unnecessary.’ (A6) ‘It’s not important (to perform Pre-op tests in your pre-op evaluation of a pt. having a low-risk surgical procedure).’ (S3) 9
Memory, attention & decision processes My decision to order or not order tests is based on patient history and medical condition. ‘I would only order them if I felt that there was some sort of medical issue that needed to be addressed. Yeah that’s it.’ (A3) ‘My pre-operative evaluations are primarily related to their surgical condition…’ (S5) 16
Emotion My emotions do not influence whether or not I order routine tests. Does not ordering tests in a pre-op evaluation for patient having a low-risk surgery evoke worry or concern in you? ‘No it wouldn’t.’ (A1) ‘If they do not need it and I am not ordering it, I’m not at all concerned about it, no.’ (S4) 16
  1. Note: A# indicates sample quote by anesthesiologist S# indicates sample quote by surgeon.