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Table 5 Correlations – implementation factors and dependent variables

From: Measurement of implementation components ten years after a nationwide introduction of empirically supported programs – a pilot study

Dependent variables: Organizational system factor Individual, clinical factor
Overall satisfaction with the implementation process .15* .24**
How large part of position set aside to work with families .19** .58**
EBP is well integrated into the organization .28** .34**
Sooner or later I am going to quit practicing MST/PMTO -.19** .07
Colleagues working with the same program .22** .49**
Colleagues in the present position -.08 -.39**
No. of families who completed treatment – last 6 mos. .15* .35**
Implementation climate .65** .23**
  1. Note. ** Correlation is significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed), * Correlation is significant at the .05 level.