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Table 6 Reasonable adjustments to support guideline development processes to improve the equity of clinical guidelines for individuals with intellectual disabilities

From: Clinical guidelines contribute to the health inequities experienced by individuals with intellectual disabilities

1. Clinical guideline organizations
 a) Develop an organizational statement that all guideline development groups will specifically consider intellectual disabilities and make reasonable adjustments to improve guideline equity
 b) Introduce a procedure for a relevant expert on intellectual disabilities to review all topics selected for guideline development and, where appropriate, advise the development group
 c) Develop a literature search strategy relevant to intellectual disabilities for use along with topic-specific search strategies
2. Clinical guideline development groups
 a) Where appropriate, make use of the intellectual disabilities literature search to consider how the clinical guideline can address those equity lens criterion of relevance
 b) In formulating recommendations, consider how applicable they are to the health of individuals with intellectual disabilities, and suggest reasonable adjustments in appendices on the equity of guideline implementation
 c) Invite stakeholders relevant to intellectual disabilities to participate in the consultation process on draft versions of guidelines
 d) Publish easy-to-read versions for service users, in parallel with the full guideline