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Table 1 The INCLEN equity lens[20]

From: Clinical guidelines contribute to the health inequities experienced by individuals with intellectual disabilities

Equity lens criteria What evidence for the criteria to look for in clinical guidelines
1. Do the public health recommendations in the guidelines address a priority problem for disadvantaged populations? Discussions on the burden of disease in disadvantaged populations.
2. Is there a reason to anticipate different effects of intervention in disadvantaged and privileged populations? Discussions on differences between disadvantaged and privileged populations, in terms of biology of the disease, adherence, and baseline risks.
3. Are the effects of the intervention valued differently by disadvantaged compared to privileged populations? Values may be assessed in guideline development panels through consultations with disadvantaged populations, involvement of their caregivers, reference to relevant research, or transparent reflection.
4. Is specific attention given to minimizing barriers to implementation in disadvantaged populations? Discussion of barriers to implementation in disadvantaged populations and identification of strategies to overcome these barriers.
5. Do plans for assessing the impact of the recommendations include disadvantaged populations? Plans for monitoring disadvantaged groups according to place of residence, race, occupation, gender, religion, education, socioeconomic status, or social network and capital.
  1. INCLEN = International Clinical Epidemiology Network.