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Table 1 Characteristics of the CCOP Organizations in Their First Year of Operation

From: Implementing community-based provider participation in research: an empirical study

First Year of CCOP funding Number of Performance Sites Number of Accruing Physiciansa Number of CCOP Funded Research Staff FTEsb Number of NCI-research base affiliates Number of Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients
A 2002 3 11 3.7 4 1474
B 2005 7 10 7.2 4 2470
C 2002 2 29 9.3 4 4115
  1. Source: CCOP organizations’ first submitted CCOP progress report.
  2. Note: a. Includes physicians who enrolled at least 1 patient on a treatment and/or CP/C trial.
  3. b. Does not include the PI, co-PI, or CCOP Administrator.