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Table 1 CLAHRC-NDL studies by theme 1

From: Research into practice: Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) for Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire (NDL)

Mental Health Primary Care Stroke Rehabilitation Children and Young People
Readiness for treatment for people with personality disorder. Reducing the risk of diabetes amongst members of the South Asian population in the East Midlands. Return to work after Stroke. Consensus in assessment and treatment outcomes for children/ young people’s mental health (CATO).
DFs: 2 DFs: 1 DFs: 1 DFs: 1
Dental and physical health needs of people with serious mental health problems. Exploring preconception care. Home visits after Stroke. Medication optimisation strategy for ADHD management in childhood (MOSAIC).
DFs: 1 DFs: 1 DFs: 1 DFs: 2
Supported employment for people with severe mental health problems. The impact of injuries study. Home-based upper limb virtual reality rehabilitation after Stroke. Group parenting programme, for children with ADHD (PATCHWORK).
DFs: 1 DFs: 2 DFs: 1 DFs: position currently vacant.
Trial of cognitive behavioural therapy for people with chronic mood disorder. Regular attenders with medically unexplained symptoms. Implementation of Early Supported Discharge following Stroke. Steps to Active Kids—a school-based activity programme (STAK).
DFs: 2 DFs: 1 DFs: 1 DFs: 2
  1. 1 There is a CoP for each of the 16 CLAHRC studies although Associates may belong to more than CoP in a theme.