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Table 2 Knowledge Translation (KT) planning assumptions

From: Translating evidence into practice: the role of health research funders

KT planning assumptions
1 KT for MSFHR focuses on research-generated evidence with the intent of maximizing its use, whether applying it to further research, policies, products, practices, or even making a decision not to undertake one of those actions based on the findings.
2 KT involves interactive, non-linear, social processes underpinned by effective exchanges (of evidence, ideas, expertise, information and opinions) among creators and users of research evidence.
3 Research users include the general public, patients, other researchers, health professionals and administrators, policy-makers and industry.
4 KT is an increasingly important practice within the research process and a scientific discipline.
5 Rather than consisting of a unified theory and practice base, KT draws on a range of theories and practices depending on the project underway.
6 KT focuses on ‘knowledge’ (which requires internalization and understanding) as opposed to ‘information’ (organized data).
7 Improving the availability of evidence does not ensure its use: a range of goal-oriented, audience-specific KT strategies is needed to maximize the impact of health research.
8 KT often requires a focus on practice-based implementation research, which explores the scaling up of interventions in ‘real world’ contexts.
9 At times, KT requires a systems thinking approach to connect analytical problem solving with the chaotic and complex ways in which change takes place in social practice.
10 The context in which KT occurs must be considered: not only existing knowledge (tacit and explicit), beliefs, attitudes, values and opinions of researchers and users, but also institutional arrangements and culture, political interests, resources, geography, power and influence over decision-making.
11 Evaluating the effectiveness of KT is a methodological challenge but critical.
12 Health research funding agencies can play an important role in KT.