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Table 1 MSFHR Programs and Knowledge Translation (KT) Elements (as of March 2012)

From: Translating evidence into practice: the role of health research funders

Program KT element Evaluation
Health Services and Policy Research Support Network
Health Authority Capacity Building Program: grant to facilitate participation in health services and policy research and evaluation activities Overall KT focus Health authority execs reported more evidence informed decision-making; staff reported that research evidence was used to improve services and programs
Investigative Teams Program: funding for five teams of researchers and decision makers   Team structure supported the conduct and uptake of research
Operating Grants Program: research to evaluate or inform health system redesign   Most findings disseminated; some were used to make decisions
BC Nursing Research Initiative
Nursing Research Facilitator Program: funding for facilitators to act as researcher contact, help staff use evidence Overall KT focus Evaluations in development or underway
Nursing Health Services Network: brings together academic, practice and policy communities to advance nursing research   
Funding programs: research projects, investigative teams, partnership research, commissioned research   
Team Awards
Research Unit Awards Requirements include collaborative research activities to address health system priorities; dissemination Until recently, annual reports from the units requested only basic information on KT activities
Research Team Start-Up Awards   
Research Team Planning Awards   
Networking Awards
Health of Population Networks: eight networks of health researchers with a common interest in specific populations KT focus Evaluation framework not developed until halfway through awards but collectively the networks developed a knowledge exchange plan, report [14] indicated they increased the quality, quantity and impact of health research in BC.
Technology/Methodology Platform Awards: helped establish five provincial cross cutting platforms that support a range of health research applications Some KT requirements A range of KT activities reported, including guideline and best practice development, training, public engagement, and online resources
Personnel Programs
Awards to support researchers from trainees to established investigators Limited KT Information on KT activities requested only recently in annual reports, which gather data on end user engagement and dissemination