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Table 3 Main factors influencing stakeholders’ acceptability of electronic data sharing

From: Trust, confidentiality, and the acceptability of sharing HIV-related patient data: lessons learned from a mixed methods study about Health Information Exchanges

Different Levels of Stakeholder Views Factors Influencing Acceptability of Data Sharing
Stakeholder views on patient acceptability · patient familiarity with electronic technology
  · patient trust in institutions and staff
  · expected benefits for patients
Stakeholder views on stakeholder acceptability · trust in the security systems to protect data
  · greater understanding of extent of information sharing
  · greater understanding of parameters of access by differing individuals
Stakeholder views on confidentiality and acceptability at the institutional level · establishment of legal foundation for data sharing and contractual agreements
  · trust in system security
  · trust in HIE agencies and staff, partially dependent on agency precedents for sharing electronic data sharing
Importance of trust in establishing acceptability · trust between patients and providers
  · trust between different stakeholders and between agencies
  · trust in system security