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Table 5 Interview themes, categories and definitions

From: 'How to know what you need to do': a cross-country comparison of maternal health guidelines in Burkina Faso, Ghana and Tanzania

Themes Categories Definitions
Development of national maternal health
   · Development Process · the steps taken to develop and produce guidelines
     · Stakeholder participation · level of involvement of stakeholders in guideline development
     · National guidelines' relation to WHO recommendations · how contents of national CPGs compare with WHO PCPNC guidelines
Health workers' access to guidelines Perceived access barriers  
     · Distribution · physical distribution of printed guidelines
     · Staff mobility · frequent changes of work-place displaces guidelines from health facilities
     · Health workers' participation in training courses · course curricula frequently used as CPGs, health workers dependent on courses to obtain up-to-date guidelines
  Perceived solutions to improve access:  
     · Pocket sized guidelines · personal portable guidelines for every health worker
     · Wall posters · guidelines in a poster format increases availability for everybody working in the health facility
Health workers' use of guidelines    · Low levels of guideline adherence · perception among key informants of an overall low use of guidelines by front-line health workers
  Perceived reasons for low guideline adherence:  
     · Attitudes towards continuing education · health workers do not usually update their knowledge independently from organised training
     · Effects of training · limited change in clinical practice following courses
     · Format of guidelines - lack of usability · presence of flow-charts, algorithms etc.
     · Negative beliefs about using guidelines during patient consultations · perception that patients' trust will be undermined if health workers use CPGs during consultations