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Figure 2

From: Implementation outcomes of evidence-based quality improvement for depression in VA community based outpatient clinics

Figure 2

Percentage of patients referred to the depression care manager. To measure reach, data were extracted from the SAS Medical Datasets at the Austin Information Technology Center for the 12-month post-period. Index visits for patients during the 12-month post-period were defined as the first primary care encounter at the CBOC with a depression diagnosis. Patients were excluded if they had a specialty mental health visit or a diagnosis of bipolar disorder or schizophrenia during the six months prior to the CBOC start date or if the index visit was a specialty mental health encounter. The number of patients referred to the depression care manager during the 12-month post-period was identified from NetDSS. Reach during the 12-month post-period at each CBOC was defined as the total number of patients referred to the depression care manager (identified from NetDSS) divided by the total number of patients with a depression diagnosis who were not already receiving specialty care (identified in the SAS Medical Datasets).

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