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Table 2 Use of PDA/Tablet PC devices during study

From: The role of organizational context and individual nurse characteristics in explaining variation in use of information technologies in evidence based practice

  Tablet PC device users PDA device users
Used a mobile devicea n % n %
Several times a day 32 19.51 55 36.67
About once a day 21 12.81 21 14.00
Once every few days 49 29.88 32 21.33
Almost never 62 37.80 42 28.00
Never** 0 0.00 0 0.00
Total number of valid responses 164 100.00 150 100.00
  1. Chi-square: P=0.001b.
  2. aThere were 119 respondents who failed to report device use and 36 respondents indicated they used both a PDA and Tablet PC. **97 respondents indicated they never used a mobile device during the study. So we did not count them as the participants of this study.
  3. bFor these 97 respondents, their responses were not included in the Chi-square analysis because it was not possible to determine which type of device they had been provided.