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Table 1 Study interview guide topics

From: Community member perspectives from transgender women and men who have sex with men on pre-exposure prophylaxis as an HIV prevention strategy: implications for implementation

Domain Examples
Demographics How would you describe your ethnicity?
Are you currently employed? What is your job or profession?
Do you currently have health insurance?
How would you describe your sexual identity?
Knowledge of PrEP and the iPrEx Study results Please tell me what you understand about PrEP. What have you heard, if anything?
Were you aware of the results of the PrEP trial that were announced in November 2010? What did you think about the results when they were announced?
Are people in your community talking about PrEP? What are they saying?
Personal sexual-risk assessment How would you assess your risk for HIV infection?
Why do you think you are [low/moderate/high] risk?
How frequently do you test for HIV? What about other STDs?
Willingness to take a daily ARV Would you be willing to take a pill on a daily basis? [if yes] Can you say why? [if no] Are there any circumstances under which you would be willing?
How would taking a pill each day work in the context of your day-to-day life and routines?
Ability to follow routine medical monitoring Would you be willing to test for HIV now, and then do regular HIV testing while you were taking PrEP?
What would influence your ability to make and keep regular check-up appointments with your doctor?
Acceptable side effects and potential long-term health risks Do you have any concerns about potential side-effects from taking PrEP? Can you give some examples?
In your opinion, do the benefits of PrEP outweigh the potential risks? Can you say why?
Associated cost and financial considerations Would you be willing to pay out of pocket expenses for PrEP? How much would you be willing to pay each month?
If health insurance plans covered PrEP would you feel comfortable going to your doctor and asking for a prescription?
How would you feel about having that information be part of your medical records and accessible to your insurance companies?
Decision making about starting and stopping PrEP Under what circumstances would you might consider starting PrEP? What would be a motivator for you?
Under what circumstances would you might consider stopping PrEP? What would make you not want to take it anymore?
Perceived effects of PrEP in community Do you think the availability of PrEP will affect people’s willingness to use condoms?
What would be a good way to make people in your community aware of PrEP?
  Overall, what is your opinion of PrEP as a method of HIV prevention [both for you and for your community]?