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Table 2 Overview of implementation strategies

From: Implementation strategies of internet-based asthma self-management support in usual care. Study protocol for the IMPASSE cluster randomized trial

  Implementation strategy*
Start-up phase
Practice recruitment
Recruitment letter X X X
Reminder (letter) X X X
Reminder (telephone)   X X
PatientCoach information
Manual X X X
Information session X X X
On site instruction   X X
Workshop professionals X X X
Patient recruitment
By general practice X X X
On site support (patient selection/invitation) X X X
PatientCoach tools
Reminders X X X
Execution phase
Continuing support
Follow-up by the practice coach team    X
Outreach visit (if necessary)    X
Workshop professionals (implementation issues)    X
Technical issues (web-based/phone) X X X
IBSM related issues (phone) X X X
  1. * MS = Minimum strategy; IS = Intermediate strategy; ES = extended strategy; IBSM = internet-based self-management support program (PatientCoach).