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Table 4 Results—Key outputs of WA health network

From: Net benefits: assessing the effectiveness of clinical networks in Australia through qualitative methods

Working Group Output
Osteoporosis Model of Care WG (now Implementation WG) • Osteoporosis Model of Care (2011)
Spinal Model of Care WG (now Implementation WG) • Spinal Pain Model of Care (2009)
• Rural Roadshow (Kununurra, Albany, Kalgoorlie, Broome)
• Consumer Guide to Management of Low Back Pain
• Measurement of beliefs and likely practice behaviours in the context of back pain among emerging health professionals
Inflammatory Arthritis WG (now Implementation WG) • Inflammatory Arthritis Model of Care (2009)
• Securing funding for a University Chair of Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Medicine
• Allied Health Skillset for Inflammatory Arthritis
• Study of cost-effectiveness of rheumatology service models: negotiated rheumatology services outside tertiary hospitals from 2012.
Elective Joint Replacement Service WG (now Implementation WG) • Elective Joint Replacement Service Model of Care (November 2010)
Network (overall) • Musculoskeletal Health Network Stakeholder Forum 2011
• Manual Handling Guide for Carers
• Interstate-Government officer network for Musculoskeletal Network Managers (WA, NSW)
• Conference presentations, research grants, academic papers
• Trial of Spinal MoC showed reductions in waiting list
• Link with Armadale Hospital to develop new services involving a multidisciplinary team on rheumatological care
• A number of osteoporosis projects are to be undertaken in collaboration with Osteoporosis Australia