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Table 3 Results—Key outputs of NSW clinical network

From: Net benefits: assessing the effectiveness of clinical networks in Australia through qualitative methods

Working Group Output
Osteoarthritis Chronic Care Program WG • Osteoarthritis Chronic Care Program Model of Care (Consultation Draft – October 2011)
Osteoporosis Refracture Prevention WG • Osteoporotic Refracture Prevention Model of Care (January 2011)
Paediatric Rheumatology WG • Work in progress
Elective Joint Replacement Guideline WG • Work in progress
Curriculum Development on Osteoporosis for Junior Doctors WG • Developing intranet-based training program for junior doctors
Musculoskeletal Nurse Education Program WG • Collaborating with the College of Nursing in the development of a Musculoskeletal Nursing Graduate Certificate
Overall Network • Trial of NSW Osteoarthritis Chronic Care Program – funding secured and trials commenced
• Involvement in Chronic Care Program – redesign projects
• Interstate-Government officer network for Musculoskeletal Network Managers (WA, NSW)
• Publications, conference presentations by network members
• Assisted with Orthopedic Geriatric MoC Implementation
• International Fracture Liaison connections
• Forum for launch of Osteoporotic Refracture Prevention Model of Care (2011)
• Currently undertaking a Formative Evaluation of the Osteoporotic Refracture Prevention MoC, including the set-up of a ‘Greenfield’ site
• Network newsletters