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Table 5 Illustration of Guide content: description of potential uses of a sample tool

From: A Guide for applying a revised version of the PARIHS framework for implementation

Element Reference tool content
C: Contextual Readiness for Targeted EBP Implementation Information in this and the other tools in this Revised PARIHS Guide can be used to prepare a proposal, including related methodology, and follow-up reports. More specifically, this Context tool can be used to:
   • Leadership support    • Think more specifically about the nature of Context and enhance communication of that understanding to reviewers and other readers.
• Culture    • Identify potential Contextual barriers that may need to be better understood and/or addressed in the implementation strategy (e.g., thinking through the type of leadership support that will be needed given the type of innovation to be implemented).
• Evaluation capabilities    • Identify diagnostic/evaluative questions for a semi-structured interview relevant to the need to understand selected aspects of the Context, applicable to this specific EBP change.
   • Receptivity to the targeted innovation/change    • Develop and organize a retrospective interpretive evaluation [20] to explore the perceived influence of Contextual features on implementation of the targeted EBP.
  NOTE: In all cases, the list of multiple items should be considered an optional menu from which to choose components of prime relevance to implementation of the targeted EBP.
  1. PARIHS = Promoting Action on Research Implementation in Health Services; EBP = evidence-based practice.