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Table 4 Relational integration, qualitative data on parents' and practitioners' perspective

From: The applicability of normalisation process theory to speech and language therapy: a review of qualitative research on a speech and language intervention

  Parent Perspective SLT Perspective
   Validity Parents believe that the SLT has knowledge about normal development of speech/language and parents want SLTs to impart that knowledge to them SLTs have knowledge that HPP is effective in changing parental communication style in the desired direction and this knowledge comes from reliable published sources and has been replicated
SLTs are accredited as HPP practitioners
   Expertise Parents believe that SLTs can use their specialist knowledge to identify or confirm problems in their child
They believe that the SLT is the best professional to do this
Parents expect SLTs to provide them with practical advice to follow
SLTs that deliver HPP are experienced specialists in the field
SLTs believe that parents' role is to follow their advice
   Dispersal Parents refer to the network of NHS practitioners as gatekeepers to their original attempts to gain access to SLT SLTs build a network of knowledge on the HPP amongst their NHS colleagues
   Credibility Parents are willing to act as parent-advocates for the HPP SLTs believe that parents are useful advocates of the HPP
SLTs believe that other members of the NHS team can also be advocates SLTs believe that having HPP as part of the care-pathway for the child will support take-up of the intervention
   Utility Parents believe that the practice-based expertise of the HPP lies with the SLTs
Parents do not speak about the role of other co-parents in relation to their own outcomes from the HPP
SLTs believe that parent-advocates and NHS-advocates are useful in convincing parents of the usefulness of the HPP - they help sell the HPP
SLTs believe they are the best implementers of the HPP
SLTs believe that the co-parents on the programme may support outcomes that they consider to be secondary in parents (increased confidence)
   Authority Parents continue to want SLT intervention for their child at the end of the programme. SLTs are responsible for assessing outcome of the HPP
Assessment is based on expert-knowledge of parent-child interaction which is located in the SLT