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Table 5 PALM PLUS organization and content

From: From PALSA PLUS to PALM PLUS: adapting and developing a South African guideline and training intervention to better integrate HIV/AIDS care with primary care in rural health centers in Malawi

Symptom based algorithms (alphabetical)
A Abdominal pain F Fatigue M Malaise T Throat symptoms
  Abdominal swelling   Female genital symptoms   Male Genital symptoms   Tiredness
B Burning feet   Fever   Mouth symptoms U Unwell client
C Confusion   Foot symptoms N Nose symptoms   Urinary symptoms
  Cough G Male genital symptoms P Psychiatric symptoms V Vaginal discharge
D Diarrhea   Other genital symptoms R Raped client   Vomiting
  Difficulty breathing   Genital ulcer S Sexual abuse W Weight loss
  Disturbed client H Headache   Skin symptoms   
E Ear symptoms L Lymphadenopathy     
Domain General clinical management algorithm
HIV Diagnosis
   Routine care
   ARV initiation
   ARV follow-up and side-effects
Tuberculosis Suspecting TB
Chronic Respiratory Disease Distinguishing asthma and COPD
   Routine asthma care
   Routine COPD care
   Using inhalers and spacers
Pregnancy Routine antenatal care