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Table 2 Examples of possible PCARE modifications

From: Collaborative planning approach to inform the implementation of a healthcare manager intervention for hispanics with serious mental illness: a study protocol

Sociocultural modifications Provider-level modifications
Surface level Deep level  
• Translate intervention materials into Spanish
• Use bilingual care managers
• Adapt community resource guide to Washington Heights
• Model interactions with medical providers and help patients formulate questions before medical visits
• Reframe lifestyle change in terms of health, not thinness
• Use health-related fotonovelas
• Involve family members in decision making, as appropriate
• Add training session on CVD risk factors for SWs
• Add training module for SWs on how to work effectively with PCPs
• Distribute pocket cards to CMs and PCPs summarizing CVD risk factors
  1. PCARE = primary care, access referral and evaluation; CVD = cardiovascular disease; SW = social worker; PCP = primary care provider; CM = care manager.