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Table 2 Inclusion and exclusion criteria literature review

From: Towards an organisation-wide process-oriented organisation of care: A literature review

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Article should: Article focuses on:
   - Contain an abstract;    - Staff satisfaction and/or change only concerns job redesign or responsibility changes;
   - Be written in English;    - Changing the organisational structure or redesigning at organisational level without aiming improvement of patient flow;
   - Focus on hospital organisations;    - Changing the health structures at national levels;
   - Address a restructure or redesign of patient flow at organisational level, or at least for two interfering care processes;    - Changing hospital ownership or affiliation;
   - Contain a description of the transformation process/actual intervention;    - Projects with main purpose of financial improvement, except where this is used to form basis of organisational change or incentives;
   - Be a study and not an editorial, letter to the editor, or opinion piece;    - Changing the organisation of a single functional unit or a single care pathway;
   - Have been published after 1 January 1998 and before 1 May 2009.    - Change in software and/or hardware and IT with no intended effect on patients flows;
     - Description of methods, model and theories without empirical data;
     - The management of redesign and change projects;
     - Redesign of buildings.