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Table 2 Facility inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: SCOPE: Safer care for older persons (in residential) environments: A study protocol

Inclusion criteria
1. The facility is registered by the respective provincial governments
2. The majority of residents are over 65 years of age
3. The facility must have conducted RAI-MDS 2.01 assessment for at least one year and continue to collect these data
4. The facility conducts operations in the English language
5. Healthcare aides must provide greater than 50% of direct care
6. The facility administrator (or region or owner-operator) is willing to sign a data sharing agreement
7. A commitment from the facility administrator to have a senior sponsor (e.g., care manager, Director of Care) available to support the improvement team on a monthly basis
8. A commitment from the facility administrator to release the equivalent of approximately 5 to 10% of a healthcare aide position for study related activities during the 12 months the intervention is implemented
9. A commitment from the facility administrator to financially support staff team member attendance at the learning sessions (up to $3,000)
Exclusion criteria
1. The facility has a sub-acute unit
2. The facility is integrated into an acute care facility
3. The facility has less than 75 beds
  1. 1Resident Assessment Instrument-Minimum Data Set 2.0