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Table 1 Components of the 'full-serve' and 'self-serve' evidence service

From: Effects of an evidence service on community-based AIDS service organizations' use of research evidence: A protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Evidence service components 'Full-serve' SHARE 'Self-serve' Control
1. Access to records for HIV-relevant systematic reviews* X X
2. Searchable database - Reviews retrievable using taxonomy of topics related to HIV/AIDS and open text search X  
3. Email updates highlighting newly added reviews X  
4. Access to user-friendly summaries produced by us or by others X  
5. Links to scientific abstracts X X*
6. Peer-relevance assessments† X  
7. Links to full-text (when publicly available) X  
8. Access to worksheets that help CBOs find and use research evidence X X
  1. * The 'self-serve' version will be provided as a listing of reviews grouped by year of publication with titles hyperlinked to their scientific abstract.
  2. †Based a 5-point scale that asks how useful the reviews is and through a user-forum provided for each review record