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Table 1 Determinants resulting from the needs assessment and their importance and changeability

From: How to develop a program to increase influenza vaccine uptake among workers in health care settings?

   Importance¹ Changeability2
Determinants of influenza uptake at management level   
a Having a written policy 4.58 +
b Actively requesting HCWs to get vaccinated 6.77 +
c Informing HCWs about influenza vaccination 8.27 +
Determinants of influenza uptake at HCW level   
d Presence of chronic illness 8.50 -
e Working in health care for more than 15 years 2.32 -
f Perceived high personal risk 2.80 +
g Perceived reduction of personal risk 2.56 +
h Perceived reduction of risk to infect patients 3.29 +
i Awareness of the existence of a guideline 1.86 +
j Agreement with this existing guideline 2.75 +
k Social influence of people close to the HCWs 5.33 -
l Influence of media attention for avian influenza 2.24 +
m All HCWs should get vaccinated 2.25 +
n HCWs should get vaccinated because of their duty not to harm 4.71 +
o Information received through an information meeting 3.40 +
p Information received from a nursing home physician 2.11 +
  1. 1 determinants at management level: importance defined by mean differences determinants at HCW level: importance defined by odds ratios
  2. 2 -: not changeable, +: changeable