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Table 3 Intervention meetings' content

From: Target for improvement: a cluster randomised trial of public involvement in quality-indicator prioritisation (intervention development and study protocol)

Meetings Participants Content
Step 1: Public representatives' training and recommendations Public representatives (Target: 15/site) • Participants' discussion on positive and negative experience in relation to quality of care
• Information on chronic disease and local prevention and management services
• Explanation of the indicator menu and data collection on baseline public recommendations
Step 2: Group recommendation Clinicians and managers (Target: 9/site) and public representatives (Target: 6/site) • Individual baseline prioritisation
• Deliberation on indicator choice
Block 1 (Structure: access and integration)
Block 2 (Process: technical quality and interpersonal care)
Block 3 (Outcome indicators)
• Final group recommendation and individual recommendations
Step 3: Decision makers' meeting Clinicians and managers (Target: 10/site) and public representatives (Target: 2/site) • Expectations from the Regional Health Authority on quality-indicator choice and use
• Presentation of recommendations issued in step 1 and step 2 meetings
• Deliberation on indicator choice and implementation
• CEOs summarise decisions and foresee actions for each local health authority
  1. CEO = chief executive officer.