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Table 2 Inclusion and representation criteria

From: Target for improvement: a cluster randomised trial of public involvement in quality-indicator prioritisation (intervention development and study protocol)

Category of participant Inclusion/exclusion criteria Representation criteria
Public representatives
Steps 1, 2, 3 meetings
(Target: 90 participants)
1) Adult with or without a chronic condition
2) Be competent to share opinions with others
3) Not be currently or previously working as a clinician or healthcare manager
Age, gender, employment, and health status (healthy adults without chronic disease, patients with uncomplicated chronic disease, patients with complex chronic conditions)
Clinicians and managers
Step 2 meeting
(Target: 72 participants)
1) Work as a clinician or manager in relation with the prevention or management of chronic diseases
2) Work within the catchment area of a participating health authority
3) Be competent to share opinions with others
Include a minimum of two primary care physicians, one manager familiar with the chronic disease program and existing information systems, and a balanced mix of clinicians and managers involved in chronic disease prevention and management
Clinicians and managers
Step 3
decision makers' meeting
(Target: 60 participants)
1) Be identified by the local health authority's CEO to advise him/her on the choice of quality indicator
2) Be a member of the board or professional council of the local health authority or family medicine group
Include the CEO or his/her representative, as well as one physician; the identification of other key decision makers is left to the CEO's discretion
  1. CEO = chief executive officer.