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Table 1 Menu of quality indicators

From: Target for improvement: a cluster randomised trial of public involvement in quality-indicator prioritisation (intervention development and study protocol)

   1. Perceived difficulty to obtain an appointment    2. Primary healthcare organisation's opening hours
   3. Access for disabled people    4. Family physicians accepting new patients
   5. Medication and treatment cost    6. Language barriers
   7. Phone access to a primary care provider  
   8. Coordination among healthcare organisations    9. Electronic communications
   10. Primary care registries for chronic conditions    11. Perceived continuity of care
   12. Team work and interdisciplinary care    13. Links with community organisations
Technical quality of prevention and clinical management
   14. Physical activity counselling    15. Healthy eating counselling
   16. Tobacco counselling    17. Influenza vaccination
   18. Hypertension screening    19. Perceived technical quality of care
   20. Clinical management of type 2 diabetes    21. Clinical management of coronary heart disease
   22. Clinical management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)    23. Clinical management of heart failure
Interpersonal care
   24. Self-care support    25. Patient participation in clinical decision making
   26. Respect and empathy    27. Time available during the consultation
   28. Trust toward primary care provider    29. Stress and responsibilities at work and at home
   30. Fruit and vegetable consumption rate    31. Smoking rate
   32. Physical activity rate    33. Blood pressure control
   34. Perceived self-efficacy    35. Hospitalisation for ambulatory-care-sensitive conditions
   36. Emergency room visit for ambulatory-care-sensitive conditions    37. Quality of life