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Table 1 Top Five Hispanic Community Health Issues By Collection Site or Methods

From: A community based participatory approach to improving health in a Hispanic population

  Hispanic Disparities per NC BRFSS Clinic Diagnoses (n = 5,402) ED Diagnosis (n = 19,962) Focus Groups and Interviews (n = 77) Community Survey (n = 200)
1 HIV Infection Routine Medical Exam Upper Respiratory Infection Need for Primary Care Access Car Accidents
2 Death from Motor Vehicle Accidents and Homicide Upper Respiratory Infection Abdominal Pain Prenatal Care Prenatal Care
3 Access to First Trimester Prenatal Care Viral Infection Otitis Media Mental Health / Depression Mental Health / Depression
4 Immunization Rates Otitis Media Fever Substance Abuse Sexually Transmitted Infections
5 Obesity / Overweight Abdominal Pain Vomiting Sexually Transmitted Infections Assault / Homicide