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Table 5 Strategies to improve the predictability of research

From: Bridging the gap between basic science and clinical practice: a role for community clinicians

Strategies Requirements
Make research-associated tasks explicit to clinicians prior to their agreeing to participate in a study • Training requirements
  • Mechanism for patient screening to determine study eligibility
  • Inclusion and exclusion criteria
  • Number of subjects stratified by clinical, demographic, & geographic categories
  • Expected patient visits and follow-up requirements
  • Data collection and transfer strategies
  • Adverse outcome protocols
  • Quality assurance requirements
  • Dissemination
Establish a priori the task-specific reimbursement rates for studies • Work with researchers & clinicians to establish a list of key research tasks
  • Develop a taxonomy for assigning payment to these tasks
  • Develop payment rates based upon specialty, experience, & region
  • Assure clinicians are clear about study-specific-protocol services
  • Implement serial evaluations to test the payment rates