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Table 3 Barriers clinicians have identified regarding participation in clinical research

From: Bridging the gap between basic science and clinical practice: a role for community clinicians

Addressing professional values:
Study questions Study questions are not pertinent to topics of interest for clinicians, their practice, or their patients.
Study design feasibility Study inclusion and exclusion criteria make most community practice patients ineligible.
Clinician's relationships with clinical/scientific communities Clinicians need reassurance that research engagement does not threaten the doctor-patient relationship.
Clinician and patient distrust of research Equitable access to research opportunities & to care reflecting research findings will help address longstanding mistrust by clinicians and patients for research endeavors.
Developing necessary infrastructure:
Data quality Assuring data quality in office settings is challenging, particularly given the lack of uniformity of study design across studies.
Design efficiency Adequate and efficient training for successful research participation is not readily available or pertinent to clinician practice settings.
Study costs Costs and effort associated with transient research engagement are excessive.
Research training Local research training efforts are not rigorous enough.
Assuring privacy Accessing IRB and HIPAA certification is burdensome and time-consuming.
Research engagement Research participation is isolating without systematic feedback about performance, data quality, and research findings.
Realigning financial incentives:
Scheduling There is no time to do research in a busy practice.
Reimbursement Clinical research participation will not be reimbursed adequately.
Liability The adequacy of legal liability (insurance?) for research participation for practicing clinicians is murky.
Predictability Unpredictable nature of research (sporadic study availability, changes in costs and reimbursement rates).
Information availability Information is not readily available (study questions, protocols, reimbursement schedules, study-specific enrollment, data quality).