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Table 2 Initial framework of guideline implementability

From: How can we improve guideline use? A conceptual framework of implementability

Domain Definition
Adaptability The guideline is available in a variety of versions for different users or purposes.
Usability Content is presented, organized, or formatted to enhance the ease with which the guideline can be employed.
Validity Evidence is summarized and presented such that its quantity and quality are apparent, and it can be easily reviewed, understood, and interpreted.
Applicability Contextual or supplementary clinical information is provided by which to interpret and apply the recommendations for individual patients.
Communicability Information is included to support discussions with patients, or patient involvement in decision making.
Accommodation Costs, resources, competencies and training, technical specifications, and anticipated impact required to accommodate use are identified.
Implementation Strategies for identifying barriers of use, and selecting, planning, and applying promotional strategies are described.
Evaluation Performance measures for audit or monitoring are included.