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Table 5 Provider perceptions of task shifting using agreement statements, by type of provider

From: Task shifting in maternal and newborn care: a non-inferiority study examining delegation of antenatal counseling to lay nurse aides supported by job aids in Benin

Task-shifting Statements: Percent (%) of providers responding 'Agree' Nurse-midwives Lay Nurse Aides Total
No. of providers interviewed n = 19 n = 24 N = 43
Holds role of counseling Yes (prior to shift) Yes (after shift)  
   The role of nurse aides can include counseling if they have the necessary support and supervision. 94.7 100.0 97.7
   Counseling should only be done by skilled providers. 21.1 4.2 11.6
   Counseling can be done by all maternity workers. 94.7 100.0 97.7
   Counseling can be done only by nurse aides. 10.5 4.2 9.1
   Task shifting is difficult and with challenges. 36.8 29.2 32.6
Impact and Effectiveness    
   When the role of nurse aides was expanded, skilled workers had more time for clinical activities. 100.0 87.5 93.0
   Quality of counseling by nurse aides is less effective than that done by skilled providers. 47.3 45.8 46.5
   Quality of counseling by nurse aides is more effective than that done by skilled providers. 52.6 25.0 37.2
   Task shifting of counseling to nurse aides improves provider relationships. 84.2 87.5 86.1
   Shifting the role of counseling to nurse aides is more effective than the previous work organization. 89.5 83.3 86.1
Comfort and Acceptability    
   Nurse aides are more comfortable counseling than the skilled providers. 68.4 54.2 60.5
   Skilled providers are more at ease if counseling is done by nurse aides. 73.6 75.0 74.4
   Counseling provided by nurse aides is accepted by women presenting at the maternity. 89.5 100.0 95.4