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Table 7 Trainee Collaborations

From: Core competencies in the science and practice of knowledge translation: description of a Canadian strategic training initiative

Initiative Description Planned or Actual Output
KT Trainee Collaborative Trainees from past summer institutes came together to create a network of KT trainees 1. Two CIHR meeting, planning and dissemination grants for meetings in Winnipeg (Mar 2010) and Toronto (Apr 2011)
2. Poster presentation at KT 10 meeting in Halifax Jun 2010 (Colquhoun et al.)
3. Poster presentation at Family Medicine Forum meeting in Vancouver Oct 2010 (Urquhart et al.)
4. Poster presentation at RTNA meeting in Edmonton Oct 2011 (Richmond et al.)
5. Publication: Cornelissen E, Urquhart R, Chan V et al. Creating a knowledge translation collaborative: from conceptualization to lessons learned in the first year. Implementation Science 2011; 6:98
Summer Institute Publications Trainees from the CIHR sponsored KT summer institute (2008) and the 2009 KT Canada summer institute (SI) have published two meeting reports in Implementation Science 1. Kho M, Estey E, Deforge R et al.
Riding the knowledge translation roundabout: lessons learned from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Summer Institute in knowledge translation. Implementation Science 2009;4:33
2. Leung BY, Catallo C, Riediger ND, Cahill NE, and Kastner M. The trainees' plan on developing and end-of-grant knowledge translation plan. Implementation Science 2010;5:78
3. Bhogal S, Menon A, Bath B et al.
Using problem-based case studies to learn about knowledge translation interventions: An inside perspective. Journal of Continuing Education in Health Professionals. In Press
CIHR Knowledge Synthesis Grant Trainees and investigators across multiple sites collaborated on a synthesis grant to strengthen their understanding of the concept of replication and identify a useful framework to guide replication research in KT 1. Grant awarded from CIHR for $96,352 to investigators at OHRI (Grimshaw, Brehaut, Moher), SMH (Straus), McMaster (McKibbon), U of Alberta (Sales) and trainees at OHRI (Curran, Vachon)
2. Review of the social science, education, business, and health literature using multiple search strategies to identify relevant literature and a theory analysis to identify and define major concepts and elements.
3. Model case approach to examine the extent to which replication research is evident in knowledge translation research.
4. Invite knowledge users and stakeholders to participate in development of recommendations for replication research practice for researchers, policy makers, funders and journal editors.
RCT Protocol Two trainees from the 2010 SI along with investigators from the OHRI are working on a KT Intervention to improve the long-term use of evidence-based medication in patients diagnosed with cardiovascular disease. This is currently in the planning phase. 1. Collaboration between trainees from McMaster (Schwalm) and U of Toronto (Ivers), investigators at OHRI (Grimshaw, Taljaard) and at McMaster (Natarajan)
2. Provincial baseline assessment of discontinuation rates of CV medications in patients over 65 years old post cath
3. Small feasibility trial in STEMI patients
4. LHIN-wide randomized controlled clinical trails
Collaboration with University of Newcastle, Australia Prof Robert Sanson-Fisher, a member of KT Canada's scientific advisory board, attended the 2010 summer institute and offered to host trainees in Australia, a testimony to the strength of our trainees This collaboration is currently in the planning phase, and the KT Canada steering committee is exploring other possible opportunities with members of the scientific advisory and other interested international KT leaders