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Table 1 Use of RE-AIM to develop Connection to Health PCMH tool

From: Use of RE-AIM to develop a multi-media facilitation tool for the patient-centered medical home

RE-AIM dimension Ways dimension was used to enhance impact
Reach Multiple input modalities; patient choice, panel report so can target those not participating
Effectiveness Practical, validated, actionable measures, evidence-based action suggestions. Patient choice to enhance autonomy. Expert system tailoring algorithms. Use of 5 A's, goal setting, and action planning problem solving.
Adoption Specifically designed to the support PCMH. Multiple options for customization of input, output, content, and recommended options. Panel reports for population management. Addresses HEDIS-related issues often missed.
Implementation Focus on efficiency, prompts to patient and healthcare team, done prior to visit, self-monitoring elements, engaging interface. Options for high and low eHealth literacy.
Maintenance Setting Level: Feedback on HEDIS and PCMH criteria. Should enhance satisfaction and make visits more efficient and productive.
Patient Level: Should enhance continuity, patient-provider communication and satisfaction.