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Table 1 Implementation phases, stages, activities, and participants

From: Observational measure of implementation progress in community based settings: The Stages of implementation completion (SIC)

Phase Stage   MTFC Activity Involvement
Pre-Implementation 1 Engagement 1.1 Date site is informed services/program available*
1.2 Date of interest indicated
1.3 Date agreed to consider implementation
System Leader
  2 Consideration of Feasibility 2.1 Date of first contact for pre implementation planning
2.2 Date first in-person meeting/feasibility call**
2.3 Date Feasibility Questionnaire is completed**
System Leader, Agency
  3 Readiness Planning 3.1 Date of cost/funding plan review **
3.2 Date of staff sequence, timeline, hire plan review **
3.3 Date of foster parent recruitment review **
3.4 Date of referral criteria review **
3.5 Date of communication plan review **
3.6 Date of in-person meeting**
3.7 Date written implementation plan complete**
3.8 Date service provider selected
System Leader, Agency
Implementation 4 Staff Hired and Trained 4.1 Date agency checklist completed
4.2 Date first staff hired
4.3 Date Program Supervisor trained
4.4 Date clinical training held
4.5 Date foster parent training held
4.6 Date Site consultant assigned
Agency, Practitioners
  5 Adherence Monitoring Processes in place 5.1 Date data tracking system training held
5.2 Date of first program administrator call
Practitioners, Child/Family
  6 Services and Consultation Begin 6.1 Date of first placement
6.2 Date of first consult call
6.3 Date of first clinical meeting video reviewed
6.4 Date of first foster parent meeting video reviewed
Practitioners, Child/Family
  7 Ongoing Services, Consultation, Fidelity Monitoring and Feedback 7.1 Dates of site visits (3)
7.2 Date of implementation review (3)
7.3 Date of final program assessment
Practitioners, Child/Family
Sustainability 8 Competency 8.1 Date of certification application
8.2 Date certified
System, Agency, Practitioner
  1. Notes: A date of completion is entered for each stage that reflects either (a) the date of completion of the last activity in that stage, keeping in mind that activities may occur in a different order than they are listed, or (b) the date that the site discontinues/quits. The stages and activities could undergo further revisions based on ongoing psychometric analysis. *indicates a variable that is included for duration scoring but not included in the proportion of activities. **indicates activities that are completed as a group for CDT condition and individually for the II condition