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Table 3 A sample of district health priorities published on the notice boards

From: Implementing accountability for reasonableness framework at district level in Tanzania: a realist evaluation

Intervention Activity Sources of funds
   Block grants Basket funds
  To conduct 36 monthly outreach clinics by 36 health workers 150,000 4,320,000
Reproductive and Child health To conduct nine monthly mobile clinics by four health workers   5,940,000
  To conduct training on IMCI for 20 health workers for 14 days   10,085,400
Non- communicable diseases To procure drugs/supplies for treatment of diabetes, hypertension, injuries   5,354,000
  To procure equipment for non-communicable diseases   7,040,000
  To conduct training for three clinicians on emergency oral health care for ten days   2,204,000
  To procure two emergency extraction forceps and two pressure cookers/autoclaves   330,000
Other diseases To conduct distribution of zithromax drugs and other supplies/equipments for trachoma mass treatment once per year 575,000  
  To conduct training for two days on zithromax treatment   6,237,000
  To collect two water and food samples twice per year for laboratory analysis in Dar es Salaam   3,320,000
Health promotion To collect and dispose of solid waste from six refuse bays 3,480,000  
  To conduct a village health competition on environmental health sanitation (5/6/2009) in 80 villages   4,260,000
  To conduct training in 30 health facilities about ILS & forecasting and quantification of medicine for three days 4,054,200  
Organisation To pay extra duty allowance to 20 staff monthly 10,800,000  
  To conduct a district health forum for health staff, two times per year for five days   12,271,000