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Table 1 Priority areas contained in the district health plans

From: Implementing accountability for reasonableness framework at district level in Tanzania: a realist evaluation

  Priority Area Disease control and activities to be implemented
1 Reproductive and Child Health Antenatal care, obstetric care, postnatal care, family planning, integrated management of childhood illness, immunisation, post-abortion care, nutritional deficiencies.
2 Communicable disease control Malaria, TB/leprosy, HIV/AIDS, epidemics (cholera, meningitis, yellow fever, measles, polio).
3 Non-communicable disease control Acute and chronic respiratory, cardiovascular disease, neoplasm/cancer, injuries/trauma, mental health, drug abuse, anaemia and nutritional deficiencies.
4 Treatment of other common diseases of priority within the district Eye disease, oral conditions, skin disease, schistosomiasis, plague, relapsing fever.
5 Community health promotion Health communication for behaviour change; water, hygiene and sanitation; school health promotion; food control and hygiene; occupational health & safety; enforcement of by-laws and regulations related to health.
6 Strengthen organisational structures and institutional capacities at all levels Council health service board and health facility governing committee functions, utilities management, health management information systems, capacity development for human resources, public and private collaboration, and supportive supervision and inspection.