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Table 3 Ranking importance across various types of knowledge use

From: Engaging national organizations for knowledge translation: Comparative case studies in knowledge value mapping

  Very Important Important Moderately important Of little importance Unimportant Not applicable
To create or revise industry standards or clinical protocols is ... AHEAD ASHA OSERS RESNA ATIA ISAAC    
To build laboratory instruments or clinical tools is ... RESNA ASHA OSERS   ATIA ISAAC AHEAD
To create freeware (hardware, software) for free download or access is ...   OSERS ISAAC RESNA   ATIA AHEAD ASHA
Designing new or improved commercial devices or services is ... ATIA RESNA ISAAC ASHA OSERS     AHEAD
For other purposes is ... -Promote the AT field-Inform policy or practice   ATIA RESNA AHEAD     
  1. ATIA = Assistive Technology Industry Association; AHEAD = Association on Higher Education and Disability; ISAAC = International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication; ASHA = American Speech-Language Hearing Association; OSERS = Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services; RESNA = Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology Society of North America; AT = assistive technology.