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Table 2 Composite process score to be calculated for each patient as primary process outcome; the score is calculated differently for patients with diabetes, ischemic heart disease, or both.

From: Feedback GAP: study protocol for a cluster-randomized trial of goal setting and action plans to increase the effectiveness of audit and feedback interventions in primary care

Quality indicator (for each patient receives a score) Diabetes (max score = 6) IHD (max score = 6) Both Diabetes + IHD (multiply by 6/7 for max score = 6)
BP test in 6M X X X
A1C test in 6M X   X
FBG test in 24M   X  
LDL test in 12M X X X
ACR test in 12M X   X
Rx ASA   X X
Rx Statin X X X
  1. IHD = ischemic heart disease, BP = blood pressure, A1C = glycolated haemoglobin, FBG = fasting blood glucose, LDL = low density lipoprotein cholesterol, ACR = urinary albumin-to-creatinine ratio, ASA = aspirin, ACE/ARB = angiotensin-modifying agent