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Table 1 Steps of Intervention Mapping (IM) 2

From: Using intervention mapping to develop and adapt a secondary stroke prevention program in Veterans Health Administration medical centers

  Step Tasks
0 Needs assessment Specify needs of providers
   Specify needs of patients
1 Creation of a matrix of proximal program objectives Specify the performance objectives
   Specify important, changeable determinants
   Differentiate the target population
   Create matrices of proximal program objectives
2 Selection of theory based intervention methodologies practical strategies and suggestions from targeted users Brainstorm methods to achieve proximal program objectives
   Use the theoretical and empirical literature to further delineate the methods
   Translate methods into strategies
3 Design and organization of the program Operationalize the strategies into plans considering implementers and sites
   Design instruction materials
   Pretest instruction materials with the target group
   Produce the materials
4 Adoption and implementation of the program Develop a linkage system
   Specify adoption and implementation performance objectives
   Specify determinants of adoption and implementation
   Write and implementation plan
5 Monitoring and program evaluation Develop an evaluation model using information from the previous Steps of IM and information from the needs assessment
   Develop effect evaluation questions, referring to the matrices of proximal program objectives as blueprints for instrument development
   Develop process evaluation questions from the needs assessment and intervention map