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Table 1 Variation terms, definitions, and timeframes in preventable readmission research

From: Determinants of preventable readmissions in the United States: a systematic review

Term Index condition Readmission condition Timeframe
Early Acutely decompensated heart failure Heart failure or other cardiac cause 90 days[47]
Early Any condition Any condition 30 days[30, 55]
Early Any condition Any condition 41 days[44]
Early Any condition Any nonelective readmission 60 days[22]
Early CABG Likely to be complications of CABG surgery 30 days[27]
Early CABG surgery Any condition 30 days[48]
Early CHF CHF exacerbation admission 30 days[50]
Early CHF CHF 180 days[21]
Early Elective laparoscopic colon and rectal surgery Any condition 30 days[37]
Early Heart failure Heart failure 30 days[28]
Early Heart failure and shock Any condition or heart failure 30 days[29]
Early Ileal pouch-anal anastomosis surgery Any emergent or elective, unplanned readmission 30 days[38]
Early Multiple chronic illnesses Any condition 3 to 4 months[45]
Early Pancreatic resection Any condition 30 days and 1 year[40]
Early Pulmonary embolism Any condition and complications of pulmonary embolism 30 days[23]
Early unplanned Cardiac surgery Any condition 30 days[46]
Late unplanned Pneumonia Pneumonia 30 days to 1 year[51]
Non-elective and unplanned Congestive heart failure Same DRG as index admission 30 days[35]
Potentially avoidable AMI AMI - related admissions 56 days to 3 years[25]
Potentially preventable 10 diagnosis of diabetes or 20 diabetes diagnosis among high risk conditions Diabetes - related 30 and 180 days[31]
Potentially preventable AHRQ's prevention quality indicators AHRQ's prevention quality indicators 6 months[2]
Potentially preventable Any condition Clinically related to index admission 7, 15 and 30 days[26]
Readmissions due to early infection Surgery Infection 14 to 28 days[42]
Shortly after discharge Heart failure Any condition 30 days[32]
Short-term Any surgical procedure Venous thrombo-embolism (AHRQ PSI) 30 days[43]
Unexpected early Intestinal operations Any condition (excluding planned) 30 days[33]
Unplanned Abdominal or perineal colon resection Related to the primary surgical procedure 90 days[24]
Unplanned Any acute, short-stay admission Any unexpected admission 30 days[5]
Unplanned Any condition Any condition Up to 39 days[54]
Unplanned Any condition Any condition 31 days[53]
Unplanned Any non-maternal, substance abuse or against medical advice discharge Emergent or urgent admissions 30 days[39]
Unplanned Cancer Any unplanned 7 days[52]
Unplanned Cardiac surgery Related to complications of cardiac surgery 30 days and 6 months[34]
Unplanned related Ileal pouch-anal anastomosis surgery Admission resulted from a complication 30 days[36]
Unplanned, non-elective Traumatic brain injury Any non-elective or unplanned reason 1 and 5 years[49]
Unplanned, undesirable readmissions Diabetes Any non-elective 30 days[41]