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Table 1 Major components of

From: The QUIT-PRIMO provider-patient Internet-delivered smoking cessation referral intervention: a cluster-randomized comparative effectiveness trial: study protocol

Component Description
MyMaila Receive messages from a tobacco treatment specialist
Our Advicea Receive encouraging email messages from experts; messages tailored to stage of change
Your Online Communitya View messages and dialogue from smokers and ex-smokers through a resource website
My Health Risksb Learn about specific health risks, including physical symptoms and harmful chemicals
Thinking About Quittingb Helpful ideas and motivational recommendations (e.g., interactive calculators assessing triggers, decisional balance)
Family Toolsb How to get help from your family, deal with nagging, learn what kids think about smoking
Healthcare Provider Toolsb How to include your healthcare provider in your quit smoking plan
The Libraryb Download articles and helpful tools about smoking cessation and smoking treatments
Web Resourcesb Valuable additional websites for smokers
  1. aThese components are available only to the augmented intervention; bStandard components available to all smokers registered to, both those randomized to standard version and those randomized to augmented version.