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Table 3 Types and targets of the prioritised ergonomic measures (n = 66)

From: Process evaluation of a participatory ergonomics programme to prevent low back pain and neck pain among workers

Type of ergonomic measure Target of ergonomic measure N
Individual (n = 32) Improving awareness regarding ergonomics 21
  Worksite visits by an expert 2
  Physical activity programmes 5
  Training in working techniques, (i.e., lifting technique) 3
  Personal protective equipment (i.e., kneepads) 1
Physical (n = 27) Ergonomic redesign and/or workstation modifications 18
  Manual handling aids (i.e., lifting devices) 5
  Equipment and/or tools 4
Organisational (n = 7) Installation of pause software 2
  Develop protocol to improve worker's health 1
  Restructuring management style 2
  Job rotation 2