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Table 4 Values of and barriers to EHR use

From: 'To take care of the patients': Qualitative analysis of Veterans Health Administration personnel experiences with a clinical informatics system

Valued attributes and functions of the EHR Barriers and concerns about use of the EHR
Time: Asynchronous communication allows VA personnel to send and receive information at a time convenient for them Time: time required to complete reminders
Documentation: Support for appropriate documentation Impersonality: with colleagues--inappropriate conversations becoming part of medical record
Communication: Can easily alert other providers about a patient's status Impersonality: with colleagues--trust
Quality of care: Reminders prompt providers to initiate important conversations Impersonality: with patients
Quality of care: Structured consults and reminders provide guidance to providers about evidence-based priorities Systems issues: reminders are a first step in a process of evidence-based care but are not the complete process