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Table 1 Summary of stakeholder informed conceptual design of an effective model and system of depression care

From: Embedding effective depression care: using theory for primary care organisational and systems change

Domain Criteria
Requirements in the Relational Domain Stakeholders want to be 'listened to,' 'understood,' 'empathised with,' 'supported,' 'reassured,' and 'encouraged' by care providers (particularly GPs), receive depression care that is 'holistic,' 'tailored to the individual,' and 'involves the patient in planning.'
Requirements in the Competency Domain Stakeholders want 'competent and thorough diagnosis and management,' 'assessment for severity and suicide risk,' 'appropriate and timely referrals,' 'incorporation of social factors,' 'monitoring and follow up,' 'education about depression,' and 'prescription and management of medication.'
Requirements in the Systems Domain Stakeholders want 'funding for longer consultations and follow-up,' 'systems to enable monitoring,' 'timely referral through a range of treatment options,' 'the integration of primary care and other providers,' and 'professional support to general practice.'
How can the effectiveness of the Relational Domain be assessed? 'Measuring patient satisfaction,' 'surveying patients, carers, GPs and consumer groups,' and 'monitoring patient recovery.'
How can the effectiveness of the Competency Domain be assessed? 'Measuring whether there is less reliance on medication and a medical model,' 'monitoring recovery and diagnosis rates,' 'monitoring patients capacity to function physically, socially, and in the community,' and 'developing appropriate prescribing.'
How can the effectiveness of the Systems Domain be assessed? 'Measuring for 'increases in referral options and services in regional areas,' 'patient satisfaction,' 'access and affordability of services,' 'monitoring referrals made by GPs,' 'monitoring the duration and quality of follow up,' 'monitoring the number of patients seeking help,' and 'monitoring collaboration.'