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Table 3 Summary of responses to open-ended question 'What I would do with more time?'

From: Measuring the context of care in an Australian acute care hospital: a nurse survey

Theme Specific areas total
Fundamentals of Care Have more time to discuss patient's condition (with them) (11) 88
  Do extra things for patients (8)  
  Do routine things properly e.g., washing showering (54)  
  Contact time with family (10)  
  Providing psychological, emotional, spiritual care (5)  
Learning and Teaching Professional development (19) 57
  Clinical presentations by experts (6)  
  Educating junior staff (28)  
  Taking better care of myself (2)  
  Advanced clinical skills (2)  
Specific Clinical Aspects Assessment (6) 42
  Patient education (19)  
  Counselling (6)  
  Discharge planning (5)  
  Patient involvement (5)  
  Palliative care (1)  
Information retrieval More time to do more in-depth searching for information (40) 40
Staffing Issues/infrastructure Night duty staff challenges (1) 25
  Keeping equipment clean/tidy (6)  
  Nursing documentation (9)  
  Non-nursing duties (1)  
  Better handovers/orientation (4)  
  More down time/recovery time (4)  
Research Ward based research (13) 17
  QI/protocol work (4)  
Teamwork More time to communicate with colleagues (6) 6
Total   276