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Table 3 Two high performance renal Content filters

From: Evaluating the impact of MEDLINE filters on evidence retrieval: study protocol

Filter Form PubMed Search Query
Broad "kidney diseases"[mh] OR "renal replacement therapy"[mh] OR renal[tw] OR kidney*[tw] OR (nephre*[tw] OR nephri*[tw] OR nephroc*[tw] OR nephrog*[tw] OR nephrol*[tw] OR nephron*[tw] OR nephrop*[tw] OR nephros*[tw] OR nephrot*[tw]) OR proteinuria[tw]
Narrow ("renal replacement therapy"[majr] OR "kidney diseases"[majr] OR kidney*[ti] OR nephr*[ti] OR renal[ti] OR "kidney"[majr:noexp] OR "renal dialysis"[mh] OR "kidney function tests"[majr] OR "proteinuria"[majr:noexp] OR glomerul*[ti]) NOT ("kidney neoplasms"[majr] OR pyelonephritis[majr:noexp] OR "urinary tract infections"[majr] OR "nephrolithiasis"[majr])
  1. PubMed fields: '*' = truncation character, [majr] = exploded and focused MeSH term, [majr:noexp] = not exploded and focused MeSH term, [tw] = text word present in title, abstract or MeSH, [ti] = term present in title, [mh] = exploded MeSH term.